When youíre injured either in a car accident, slip and fall or at work you need an attorney who will stay by your side and who will listen to your needs to help get you the settlement you deserve. When you call the Rodriguez Law Firm you get Attorney Rodriguez and his team working with you and for you. Let our years of experience get you what you deserve, and as always you donít pay a dime out of your own pocket. Even the consultation is free.

          Our firm handles the following:

        Automobile Accidents

        Slip and Falls

        Workers Compensation (accidents at your job)

        Medical Malpractice


The Rodriguez Law Firm will take their time to review your case, gather the evidence and present your defense. Sometimes people will accept any deal without fully understanding the consequence that that can bring in the future or how it will affect your finances or family.  Everything from your immigration status to your credit and voting rights can be affected. We will work to get the most beneficial result for you while working with you to preserve your rights.


We work tirelessly to prepare your immigration papers, to represent your interest in obtaining your Citizenship or Green Card, Visa and Work Papers. No matter how complicated your situation we will work with you to find an answer. Now more than ever you need an attorney who is creative and can cut through the red tape and get the approval you need.


Divorce can be as simple as filing a package of forms or as complicated as a trial, either way there are many options to consider and understand. The Rodriguez Law Firm can work with you to review your needs and the needs of your children and to aggressively represent them in court.


If your debts are out of control there are ways to get rid of your debts while keeping your home, automobile and retirement account so that you can start your new life without having to start all over. Even if liens have been slapped on your home an experience attorney can have them removed.  The Rodriguez Law Firm can review your financial situation with you to determine your best course of action and to give you the fresh start you deserve.

Foreclosure Defense and Loan Modification

If your home is in danger and bankruptcy is not an option there are other means that you can use to save your home by working with the banks and their attorneys.  The Rodriguez  Law Firm can negotiate with lenders and lawyers, obtain and assemble necessary records to get a reduction or modification of your mortgage. Most important of all is that there is someone dealing with the bankís attorney on a day to day basis if necessary, to obtain the best result on your behalf.  Donít lose your home because you didnít respond to a notice in time. Come to us and we can help.

Legal Documents

From starting a business to drafting a will Rodriguez Law Firm LLC will pay close attention to detail to draft the best documents that will suit your needs.




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